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Frequently Asked Questions 
About the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Okinawa

FAQ #1: "I can't do the advanced poses, can I still do the training." 
Answer: Yes. Not every yoga teacher can put their leg behind their head. For every teacher there is a student.

FAQ #2: ""I want to do the training but I don't want to be a teacher. I just want to learn more about yoga." 
Answer: You may elect to participate in just the first four weeks of the program for just $800. You will practice meditation and yoga every day and learn about the history, philosophy, and subtle energy of yoga. You will learn about the principles of anatomy and alignment and how to sequence a practice to suit your needs. You will develop the foundation for a strong personal practice. The first four weeks teaches you how to do this because a personal practice is the most important part of being a teacher. Some choose to take the full training and not teach yoga, because they enjoy the experience. 

FAQ #3: "I'm a Japanese citizen or non-SOFA status and I don't have access to base, can I still take your training?" 
Answer: YES. But, you must apply for a temporary pass. This requires proper documentation and the process usually takes at least a couple of weeks. It could take longer due to the holidays before the course. If you will need a temporary base access pass, you must register early to start the application process in a timely manner. 

FAQ #4:"I want to sign up, but the holidays have gotten the best of me and I haven't ordered my books yet. Will that be a problem?" Answer: Not a problem. We can share books during class and I can make copies of the reading assignments for you until your copies arrive. 

FAQ #5: "I really want to do the full course, but we have a vacation planned in the middle of the training. Is this okay?" 
Answer: Yes. You can miss up to one full week, without making it up. You are still responsible for the material on the exam, so you may borrow someone's notes, or come in for a private tutoring session when you return. If you miss more than 18 hrs of the course, you must make the hours up to get your certificate. There are many ways to do this including: taking additional yoga classes by yoga instructors that are registered with the Yoga Alliance, additional assignments, private tutoring sessions available at my hourly rate of $60/hr. 

FAQ #6: "I can't get on base to register, what should I do?" 
Answer: Download the application from my website, fill it out, and email me a copy (snap a pic or scan it). You can then pay the first payment by calling Kadena Risner Fitness & Sports Complex or on the first day of class. Please notify me in advance if this is your situation so that I can meet you at the gate on the first day.

FAQ #7: "I want to be a yoga teacher but I'm concerned about chanting. How do I feel more comfortable about this?" 
Answer: I will teach you the correct pronunciation and meaning of the Sanskrit words and demystify it for you. I choose chants that don't refer to any Hindu deities or anything that might conflict with any religions. We will practice them daily and you will be comfortable with them by the time the training is over.

FAQ #8:"When are applications due?" 
Answer: Before the course starts, if space is available. Sooner is better because I have a binder of course materials to assemble for each participant. If you sign up late, it might take me additional time to assemble your materials. 

FAQ #9: "If I sign up for Part 1 and decide I want to continue and do Part 2, can I do that?" 
Answer:Absolutely! If you think that might happen you should do the homeworks as assigned as they are part of your overall score in the course.

FAQ #10: "I see that your training is registered with the Yoga Alliance. What does that mean?"
Answer:The Yoga Alliance is the largest organization that sets the standards and requirements for yoga instructors and yoga schools. It is based in the US and is the gold standard for yoga programs in general. Students that complete my course may register with the Yoga Alliance and become a member. Membership has many benefits and is often required by hiring officials and studios in the States.