Rebecca Cohen - Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training | SUP Yoga
300 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

* Payment plans are available.  
* This course is for yoga instructors that have completed a 200 hour training and will qualify them for RYT500. 

Risner Fitness Center, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan
April 11, 2017 - June 25, 2017
Hours: Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri 0900-1400
**There will be two weekend intensives throughout the program. 

Registration is OPEN, applications are being accepted. See application information below. Payment options are listed in the application. 


For those that want to explore the deeper concepts of teaching yoga, this program is designed to combine your intuitive skills with the science of anatomy and yoga. Bring a more powerful integrated approach to your own practice and your teaching. 

This program will be lead by Rebecca Cohen and supported by Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner. Other quest teachers will be teaching special segments of the course including Ikki Bando and other subject matter experts. 

We are offering a special option in the program to gain 2 days of specialized training in either the Psychology of Yoga with Michelle or SUP Yoga with Rebecca. This will be offered as a weekend intensive. 

The second weekend intensive will be with a guest lecturer. 

Full Program Investment: $3000 (plus books see list below)
** Special rate of $2400 for those that qualify for E4/O3 and below. 

Students will learn:
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance, 300 hr teacher training, okinawa, JA
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras in Depth
  • Deeper Aspects of Meditation
  • Advanced Anatomy 
  • Art of Oral Instruction
  • Sequencing a Class with Purpose
  • How to Integrate Multiple Tools of Yoga 
  • Advanced Energy Study
  • The Art of Physical & Oral Adjustments 
  • Yoga for Health Issues
  • Modifications and Variations Using Props
  • Creating a Mindful and Successful Yoga Business

My Philosophy on Yoga Teacher Training
A good yoga teacher training program is a life changing event that sparks your inner fire and helps you realize your true self. My advanced TT is no different, and will bring you more advanced knowledge and techniques in the same method as my 200 hr program. This course is rooted in spiritual development while enhancing your physical, spiritual, philosophical and scientific knowledge of yoga. This course will solidify and refine your teaching methods to deliver a higher quality yoga class to yourself and your students. We have also built in a career navigator through this curriculum to help you hone in on your unique qualities as a teacher and be a happier more successful yoga entrepreneur. 

Sample Schedule (will vary depending on lesson/instructor)

1) 0900: Group intake and discussion/questions
2) 15-30 minutes chanting, pranayama, and/or meditation
3) 0930: 1-3 hours of asana practice or practicum (includes lessons on designing special classes, advanced sequencing techniques, mastering asana, and education including: sanskrit terms, anatomy, proper alignment, muscle engagement, benefits, contraindications.) 
4) 11:30-12:00: Lecture /practice / work study
5) 12:00-12:20pm - packed lunch and group discussion or lecture
6) 12:30 - 2:00: Afternoon lecture/practicum/group discussions

Graduates will develop an intermediate/advanced knowledge of their own personal yoga practice. Several guest speakers are invited to really help you develop your business as a yogipreneur, and to lecture on special topics like anatomy, philosophy and nada yoga. This program will give you the tools to structure and teach yoga on a deeper level and give you the business and marketing insight you need to stand apart from other yoga instructors.  

Syllabus and Required Reading List
Students will be provided with a course syllabus on the first day of class. Students are responsible for obtaining the required reading list below. All books are available through Amazon and can be shipped to Okinawa. Homework is based on class lectures and some assigned reading from the books on the list. Books are primarily supplemental to the lectures. Expect 2-4 hours of written homework per week. The final exam is a take home exam and 2 weeks are given for completion. A certificate  will be awarded upon successful completion of the program. This is a full 300 hour program of training over a course of three months. 

Required Reading List for Study and Assignments:

  1. Anatomy of Hatha Yoga by H. David Coulter
  2. Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff
  3. The Yoga Teacher's Toolbox by Joseph and Lillian LePage
  4. The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale
  5. The Core of the Yoga Sutras by BKS Iyengar
  6. Light on Life by BKS Iyengar

How to Apply:

Please return a completed application with a letter of recommendation and a copy of your 200hr certification to me by email. Students who completed a 200 hr training with me do not need a letter of recommendation. Space is limited to 14 participants and registration will close on March 15th. E4 and below discount is limited to 6 students.  

Payment for this course is made through the Risner front desk upon acceptance. Please submit your paper application and schedule an interview before making your payment.  
Additional Instructors and Special Guests

Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner is both a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and a certified yoga instructor (E-RYT 500) with over eleven years of experience. Michelle teaches individuals and groups studying to teach yoga in both the 200-hour and 500-hour advanced teacher training programs. Her curriculum provides instruction in therapeutic yoga, yoga for special populations, yoga therapy, yoga anatomy, yin yoga, Taoist yoga, yoga philosophy, and the ethics of yoga.  Michelle also provides specific trainings in Yin Yoga with a curriculum that emphasizes Taoist philosophy, yoga anatomy, and mindful somatic experiences.  She provides these training both in the US and in Japan.  As a faculty mentor in the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy program, Michelle overseas and mentors students studying to become yoga therapists in the newly established Japanese program as of 2015.  
Michelle is trained in vinyasa, hatha, and yin yoga. In the classroom she encourages students to practice mindfully and to be curious about their own journey through the sensations that arise on and off the mat. Her teaching style guides her students to find their own path of self-awareness with yoga, through listening and feeling, which she believes ultimately empowers her students.
Michelle sees clients privately for yoga therapy working with individuals and couples coping with emotional imbalance, chronic illness, trauma, grief, loss, and/or major life shifts.  Her background in yoga therapy combined with her graduate studies in Somatic Counseling Psychology allows her to work with clients in finding the link between their emotional/mental patterns and the body. 
For more information about Michelle and her programming, visit her website at:

Ikki Bando has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. He opened his own studio in Okinawa in 2005. In 2006, he developed his own style of yoga, called Vaikuntha Yoga. Although he is a traditional Iyengar teacher and student, his style of yoga utilizes a more modern anatomical method to practice asana more safely without injuries. He continues to study under Brahmacharya Rudra Dev, a senior Iyengar teacher in Rishikesh, India. 

Ikki sensei’s motto is "to study yoga is to live, to live is to study yoga". He believes that every scene of life is yoga, not just the practice. He is an expert in yoga philosophy and changes lives through his teachings of the Yoga Sutras, classical Indian stories, and the Upanishads. His mission is to help people maintain a strong and flexible body, and a calm mind. His style of yoga continues to spread across Japan. 

He also has an electric mantra band, called Vaikunthas, and considers himself a nada yogi as well. He combines mantra with cutting edge dance music and create a spiritual sound of yoga. He is a producer and vocalist and collaborates with musicians from around the world. Vaikunthas released their first album in 2015. 

Among his many talents, Ikki sensei is also the founder/organizer of the Okinawa Satsang Yoga + Music Festival which has successfully been running for three years now. 

Official web site: