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Private Yoga Instruction   (currently unavailable)

Private Yoga Sessions are practices designed specifically for you with lots of hands on adjustments and can be facilitated with some therapeutic bodywork depending on your needs and goals. This is perfect for those that want individual attention, those that can't make it to class, beginners that want to learn the basics before entering class, intermediate and advanced students looking to take it to the next level, pre-natal, or those that have specific needs like back pain or anxiety. 

Continuing Education: For yoga instructors or intermediate/advanced practitioners that would like to deepen their knowledge of yoga. Students may use the online scheduler and choose 'Continuing Education'. Topics of study are chosen by the student.

Styles of Yoga Training Currently Offered: 
  • Vinyasa - an athletic style of yoga that links one pose to the next.
  • Yoga w/ Weights- an intense yoga training that incorporates weights.
  • SUP Yoga - yoga on a stand up paddle board. (weather permitting)
  • Prenatal Yoga- yoga designed for the pregnant mother 16-40 weeks.
  • Yoga Therapy - an Integrative Yoga Therapy approach used to target specific health related or emotional issues. 

OM - | Yoga, Yoga Classes, Thai Yoga Massage, Private Yoga Instruction | Rebecca Cohen | Risner Sports Center Kadena AFBWhat is Integrative Yoga Therapy? 

There are over a hundred different styles of yoga in the US today. Integrative Yoga Therapy is an approach that uses traditional yoga postures, adaptations of yoga postures, along with other forms of bodywork like PNF stretching, somatic exercises, Feldenkrais, and Thai massage all wrapped into one session. Breathing techniques, hand gestures (mudras), guided imagery and other tools of yoga may be also used depending on individual wants and needs. Yoga therapy is the application of the ancient science of yoga with a special focus on the facilitation of health and wellness at all levels of being; mind, body and spirit. 
Your first personal session consists an overall assessment. Your body will be reviewed for postural imbalances in addition to a comprehensive discussion of your lifestyle and any physical or other challenges you may have.
How Many Sessions will you need? Some clients prefer the one-on-one guidance on a regular basis, while others prefer to take the self-healing home practice approach and may only need one or two sessions. This is totally up to you and how often you can practice. It also depends on the type of illness or physical correction being addressed. Some mild forms of back pain will go away completely in a day or couple of weeks, where some more severe postural imbalances may take 12-18 months.
Self Practice - If you would like to practice at home you will be given a take-home guide with descriptions of how-to. Most home practices take about 10-15 minutes to complete. 
Unlimited Follow Up Consultation- email and phone communication is encouraged to help you with your home practice. Those that are diligent with home practice often find lasting relief.
Is Yoga Therapy Right For You?
The truth is, I tend to get clients that have tried "everything else" whether it be medication, physical therapy, or even [gasp] surgery. They are just at the end of their rope, have tried "everything" and just decide to do something outside of the Yoga Therapy. Honestly, I have never found a client that didn't find more comfort in their body after a session. 
A therapeutic application of yoga is more helpful for certain conditions than it is for others. Over a decade ago, a small survey was done on people who used yoga therapeutically. The numbers are self-reported and the sample size is very small (2700 people), but the findings are interesting none the less.
Listed below are common ailments and the corresponding percentage of people who reported that they were "helped by yoga".
Alcoholism: 100%
Anxiety: 94%
Arthritis and Rheumatic Disorders: 90%
Asthma or Bronchitis: 88%
Back Disorders: 98%
Cancer: 90%
Heart Disease: 94%
High Blood Pressure: 84%
Insomnia: 82%
Menopausal Disorders: 83%
Migraine: 80%
Neurological and Neuromuscular Diseases: 96%
Obesity: 74%
Smoking: 74%
It has been my experience that a single Yoga Therapy session almost always brings some relief for those with any physical pain. Those with stubborn but common issues (sciatica, disc issues, etc.), that follow up with me and do short practices at home, quite often find permanent relief to varying degrees. Other conditions like spinal stenosis or scoliosis may take more time, but will still find some relief.
Feel free email me for a free consultation to see if Yoga Therapy might be beneficial for you. I am always up front with my abilities and experience regarding your condition and I love troubleshooting with new clients.  I believe in total client confidentiality.