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To become a certified SUP Yoga or a SUP Fitness Instructor please see my Events page. 

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SUP yoga, stand up paddle board yoga, okinawa, Oki SUP

Show Time: 
     30 min before start time 
1. check in and pay at the dive shop
2. go to rental shack and check your name off on the reservations sheet
3. sign insurance sheet at rental shack 

Location: Kadena Marina
Cost: $15 per class
(add $5 for board rental if needed)
Space Reservation Policy:
If you want to attend SUP yoga class, you must reserve your space online. Please see my new website for the scheduling and reservations. 

When Reserving Online:
1. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email, you are not registered. 
2. Please be careful when reserving through your phone. Reservation mistakes can happen. If you use your phone, please double check for your confirmation email.  
3. Please provide a phone number. Last minute cancellations due to weather are NORMAL. If we have your phone number we can reach you before you get to the Marina. 
4. If you have your own board, you must also reserve your space as well. Otherwise, you are not guaranteed a space in class. 
5.If you need to CANCEL: please do so by using the link provided in your confirmation email

THANK YOU! ありがtおございます!


Classes will be posted here on my website, posted on Facebook.


Kadena Marina phone numbers:
Mobile - 050-5865-1898
Kadena DSN - 966-7345

What to wear & bring: 1. Sunscreen! 2. Comfortable suit and/or rash guard, swim shorts for practicing yoga and getting wet. 3. Hat/visor and/or sunglasses w/ strap 4. Water bottle with loop 5. SUP if you have a stable all around type of board.

*PLEASE NOTE* Your items like cameras, footwear, water bottles, etc. must have a way for them to be secured to the board. I will provide you with a strap if you need one (just ask), please make sure your item has a way for the strap to secure it or you may not bring it with you to class. (Ex. Most reusable water bottles have a loop at the top and can be tied down. A regular disposable water bottle cannot, plus it has a label that can fall off when wet.)

SUP yoga, stand up paddle board yoga, okinawa, Oki SUPThink you aren't skilled enough? 
...I hear this a lot so I thought I would try to clarify how SUP yoga really works. It is not like a regular yoga class where you are asked to balance on one leg, and SUP yoga - is definitely not 'hard core' by any stretch of the imagination. I can be challenging, sure, but for the most part - poses are chosen carefully and modified to accommodate for being on the board. 

It's just a nice way to take your yoga practice out on the water! I've taught people SUP yoga who have never done yoga, some who have never being a yogi and a paddler is not necessarily a pre-requisite. 

SUP yoga, stand up paddle board yoga, okinawa, Oki SUP