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"I initially wanted to take my training in Bali. I had everything planned out for when
get out of the service, I would spend my terminal leave in paradise. Then I heard
about Rebecca’s training and a lot of people kept saying I should take it now so I can
start teaching. The more I people tell me how good the training is and how Rebecca
is the Yoga guru in Okinawa, I didn’t think twice and dumped the Bali retreat. I am
so glad I jumped into the course because I learned so much about not just yoga but
about myself too. Rebecca made it easy and fun to learn about the mental and
physical part of yoga. If I am still on island when she starts YTT 300 HR, I will
definitely be signing up for it without hesitation. Thank you Rebecca for such a
wonderful experience!"
Okinawa, JA

"I came to yoga teacher training as an early yogi. I had only been practicing for about 10 months before the training began but I knew I was hooked on yoga and needed more. Most importantly, I wanted to teach yoga to others and hoped I could help people in discovering their truest self through a beautiful and challenging form of exercise. That brought me to yoga teacher training. I had a few important factors I was looking for in the training and I found them in Rebecca Cohen's course. I wanted to be sure the training was approved by Yoga Alliance and that the teacher had a vast knowledge of yoga, anatomy and business. I found all of that and more in this program. She is professional, has a extensive background in Yoga and brings a great sense of business to the table while keeping the training lighthearted and humorous. The training is challenging, invigorating, educational and most importantly confidence building. I feel 100% comfortable going out into the world and teaching bodies from all walks of life." 
Sarah, Okinawa, JA

"If you have want to deepen your practice, and perhaps share your love for yoga with others, I can think of no better place to start than Rebecca’s 200hr TT! She has put together a training that is challenging and accessible, and ultimately rewarding. On day one she tells the class that the training will change you; that you won’t be able to look at things the same as you did before TT, and she isn’t lying. I had my doubts, like others in my class I’m sure, but those doubts are long gone.

While I will always strive to learn more, to deepen my practice and expand my knowledge of yoga, I feel that the training Rebecca has provided me with an extremely solid foundation to build upon and she has given me the tools to confidently teach a yoga class. Plus she has a great, disarming sense of humor. What more could you ask for?"
Okinawa, JA

"When looking for a yoga teacher training there is a couple of things I had in mind. The training needed to be  approved by Yoga Alliance and the person teaching would be intelligent but nice.  I knew yoga training would help me learn more about myself and give me tools that would help me be an even better person, so I really wanted to do it. 

Rebecca made the training challenging and fun.  The asana practice the first couple of weeks made me a bit sore, and I liked it.   The homework was not what I expected, I had no idea yoga could be "nerded up" but I really enjoyed using my brain.  The lectures gave us A-Ha moments and Rebecca answered all our questions. She really wanted us to understand the material so we could apply it.  

I am very glad Rebecca was my yoga training teacher.  As B.K.S. Iyengar writes "Education is the drawing out of the best that is within a person."  I know the education from her training brought out the best in me, and I am very thankful for it."
Lauren, Okinawa, JA

"The 200hr TT has been a huge 'bucket list' goal for me. Coming to Okinawa I thought I was going to need to postpone this even longer. Then I came across Rebecca Cohen's program. After researching Rebecca's credentials and the small classroom size environment, I could hardly wait to sign up. In fact, I may have been the first one to register as I counted the days until registration openened. Now having completed the course, I am sad that it is ending. Rebecca created a community of yogis who I will not soon forget. Throughout the course Rebecca imparted her extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy, human anatomy, and class sequencing. I appreciate Rebecca's high standards and expectations of all her students. The 200hr TT is just the beginning of my yoga journey, and I am so happy it began with her program. If you are looking for a program that is thorough challenging, and organized - this is an excellent choice."
Laurie, Okinawa, JA

"I came to Yoga Teacher Training because my own personal practice had plateaued and to take it further, I knew I had to do something different. So when I came to Okinawa and saw the advertisement for YTT, I knew it was a godsend because I could not believe there was an official YTT training in Okinawa. I couldn't find one close by our last duty station. I checked out Rebecca's website and what really caught my interest was her photo gallery of all her amazing advanced poses. I knew she could help me advance my practice. Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable about yoga. She has been practicing for a long time and it is obvious once she starts speaking about it. She exudes a true love for it. She has been a good teacher helping me advance my own practice and giving me the encouragement to begin teaching yoga myself. If you have the opportunity to learn from rebecca, jump on in; you will not be disappointed. She has a lot to offer. I have never met a yoga teacher more knowledgeable or experienced."
Okinawa, JA

"I love Rebecca's yoga. She has a lot of knowledge and experience of yoga...and a great personality!! I'm so glad that I could join her class. I appreciate all the work she did to get me in the class and for getting me access to the base. I will keep learning yoga and live with it forever. Thank you so much! ありがとうございました!
Okinawa, JA

"I came to the 200hr Teacher Training to find a way to "fix" my anxiety and panic issues. I did not fix them, rather I transformed my mind to be able to accept them. I cannot put into words exactly how yoga training changed by life, but it did in fact save my life! I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to take the TT and to learn so much from Rebecca and Rewa. They ignited something in me that will never go away. Thank you for this training and sharing your knowledge. 
Kristin, Okinawa, JA

"Rebecca Cohen’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training transformed my life. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I signed up; I just liked how I felt after taking yoga classes at the gym and wanted to learn enough to do it on my own. I got what I bargained for, plus so much more! I experienced profound self-discovery in both my mind and body. This program opened my eyes to an entire world I never knew I was looking for, and I’m thrilled to continue to explore and expand the knowledge and skills that I gained through yoga teacher training." 
BK, Okinawa, JA

"On a daily basis, I thank my lucky stars, that Rebecca encouraged me to enroll in her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training.  I had been admittedly hesitant as I had taken my first yoga class only two months prior.  I had actually dropped into Rebecca’s Beginners Yoga, because I was recovering from two major foot surgeries.  I was tired of losing my balance and feeling as if I was never going to be back to “normal”.  When I first heard of the Teacher Training class, I quickly scoffed at the idea of attempting it.  Rebecca patiently explained how this would help me to truly integrate yoga into my daily life and improve my overall physical well being. I will admit for the first few classes I felt woefully inadequate and seriously second guessed my decision to attempt this, but now hindsight being 20/20 it was one of my better life decisions.  

Here is my one word of warning about the class.  Do not expect this to be easy, either physically or mentally.  You need to truly commit to this endeavor, not only for the classroom hours but also for completing homework as well as any other preparations you might feel are needed for the class (i.e. learning the various sanskrit names for the poses, journaling your experience, preplanning sequences, etc). 

The 200 hours Teacher Training class gave me the foundation to understand many of the principals driving yoga both historically and in its current metamorphose.  This knowledge has only wetted my appetite and I continue to push deeper into my studies of yoga’s philosophy, physiology, spirituality and its multitude of benefits.  
Some of my own personal achievements from completing this course have been: I now have a better grasp of how and why certain poses or sequences are done and how they can affect the body as well as your mindset.  I feel more confidant that my muscle memory of the various poses will be less likely to lead me to physical harm. An understanding of what a home practice is and ways to keep it interesting and appealing. How to organize and pace a yoga class for a variety of different types of students.  A new sense of confidence in my ability for helping people overcome their own challenges.  

I highly recommend that you don’t let your own fears keep you from learning all you can from Rebecca, and possibly taking her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training class.  Her own experience, her patience with her student’s growth, her fundamental knowledge of yoga, and her desire to keep her students safe and yet challenged is unparalleled. 

In closing I am still struggling with my balance but now I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel and soon I will be able to consistently hold Vrksasana (tree pose) for longer then 30 seconds." 
Heidi, Okinawa, JA

"I welcome this opportunity to recommend Rebecca Cohen as a unique, knowledgeable and compassionate instructor. The extensive teacher training program has been an amazing experience and it gave me the skills I need to successfully teach yoga and its philosophies as well as run a business. Rebecca runs her school in and organized professional manner and conducts her classes with dedication and intelligence.  Most teachers have the ability to teach a class but few have the ability to explain the complex postures not only into words but into concepts.  Her advanced knowledge of anatomy and yoga therapy translated into the postures, alignments, and breathing exercises that she taught. Her warm personality and sense of humor made this an enjoyable life -changing experience both on and off the mat."
JM, Batavia, NY

"I recently suffered a herniated L5 S1 disc in my back. Physical theropy has done wonders. Though I still was not feeling as i did before the injury. Rebecca has custom tailored workouts for me & I feel great after I am done. I have lifted weights as well for about the last 12 years but her workouts have found muscles i never new i had. I definetly have a new outlook & appreciation for yoga. I would highly recommend her classes or private lesson she really knows her stuff.
CN, Batavia, NY

"To be blunt: I was a little apprehensive that this type massage would do anything for me because of the tightness I have from lifting weights for so long without real stretching. Thai massage: Rebecca knows her stuff…WOW! I can see this will pay dividends integrated in my yoga class and weight training regimen." 
Sam, Batavia, NY

"The best overall experience of a massage ever. Rebecca take the time to listen and guide you through the session. The active massage allowed my muscle to release and breath. Felt like a million dollars and had a sound sleep that night. Will be going back to Rebecca. Thanks." 
DD, Batavia, NY

"I attended almost every class that Rebecca taught at the Monterey Yoga Shala from February until July 2011. Her inspiring teaching style, extensive knowledge of yoga postures, her positive and encouraging attitude contributed to classes being fun, challenging, dynamic and suitable for all levels of yoga students. I improved in strength and flexibility, alignment and balance and learned to breathe properly during practice. You only need to come to her class and from that point on Rebecca will spread her yoga magic over you.
Zora, Monterey, CA

"Rebecca awakened an appreciation of yoga flow in me that has been dormant for many years. I found her precise instruction and wisdom to be priceless in guiding me through challenging sequences of asana that have intimidated me in the past. She helped me to modify poses to suit my needs and encouraged me to follow my own intuition and pace. I enjoyed her classes as well as her delightful presence and sense of humor. Studying with Rebecca, if only for a few months, has had a tremendous impact on my yoga practice."
Pamela, Monterey, CA

"I had the pleasure of taking Rebecca’s Vinyasa Yoga classes and can say that they are fabulous. Rebecca has a unique style of teaching that makes yoga available to beginners while keeping practiced individuals challenged as well. She blends traditional yogi concepts with simple, easy-to-follow instructions and perfectly sequenced routines. Her classes are fun, invigorating, and kick some serious butt! Rebecca is a remarkably intelligent and inspiring teacher, definitely one of the top instructors in her field. Learning with her is a true blessing!
Willow, Monterey, CA

"We have been working with Rebecca on yoga and realignment exercises for posture and have noticed real improvement in a relatively short period of time. Practicing with Rebecca has been time efficient, effective and convenient. She is knowledgeable, professional, positive and helpful, and we highly recommend working with her either via classes or individual lessons. Rebecca’s knowledge of muscle anatomy and physiology and many yoga postures helped us become stronger and more flexible."
Mom & Daughter, Monterey, CA

"My wife and I first met Rebecca while she was a fellow student in our advanced Ashtanga class in San Diego. After watching her practice, it was obvious that she was no stranger to yoga. Upon learning she was a yoga instructor, we managed to talk her into teaching a class that had recently lost its teacher. Selfish reasons - but, let me tell you, did it pay off! Rebecca is not only a first-class instructor, but a wonderful person as well, and it was our pleasure to practice and learn with her over the next two years."
Mike and Heather, San Diego, CA

"Rebecca has taught me so much about my body through yoga therapy sessions and group classes. Once I found her as a teacher she transformed how I practiced and inspired me to explore greater education in the science of yoga. She is a huge inspiration in my life, seriously. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to learn from her. I highly recommend getting to know Rebecca; she is super cool, passionate, ridiculously knowledgeable, talented and beautifully kind. I am bummed she is not in my neighborhood anymore... PLEASE be good to yourself and have a session!"
Andrea, San Diego, CA

"Call it great karma that I met Rebecca when I reached age 77, badly in need of bodily overhaul. She is a perfect combination of strength, gentleness, professional skills, challenge,patience, and superb coaching. All these talents helped me find renewal and vitality. I figure I'm OK for at least two more decades."
Dennis, San Diego, CA

"I hope you will keep in touch on your travels. I finished my teacher training at LaJolla Y.C. and am now doing my teaching. I am so excited to get started.  I will always be grateful to you, you were the teacher who inspired me to teach!"
Lisa, Coronado, CA

"Rebecca is one of the most intelligent and athletic women I know. She interlaces her knowledge and her ability to care for those she teaches and practices with, which is truly a gift. Her ability to apply her knowledge and her heart, truly does change people."
Jennifer, Pensacola, FL

"I am the City of Pensacola's staff attorney and police legal advisor. Last summer, I was 62, overweight and woefully out of shape. Friends talked me into trying Rebecca's new yoga class after hours at the police department. I and my coworkers were immediately hooked. Her amazing skill at yoga, her gentle teaching style and her magnetic sense of humor created our little class of yoga devotees. Now, I am 63, much less overweight, flexible and balanced beyond my imagination of a year ago, and we miss her terribly. When she left Pensacola to join her wonderful husband, Josh, she handed us off to a local yoga center and, for myself, it has become a way of life I do not expect to change. It has made me reflect that one of life's ironies is that we are usually unaware of having met someone who changes us indelibly until after they have gone."
Rusty, Pensacola, FL

"I practiced yoga for the first time with Rebecca in March 2007. I was 52 years old and very skeptical on what I would be able to do. I was having a hard time being dedicated to any type of exercise until Rebecca talked me into trying yoga. After the very first session with her I was hooked. I actually found something that I truly enjoyed. A work out that makes you feel great with more energy than when you started. Rebecca’s ability as an instructor and her dedication truly shows through to her students."
Dixie, Pensacola, FL

"Rebecca is a wonderful yoga teacher. She has a high degree of knowledge about yoga theory and anatomy that she uses in her classes, but best of all she makes the class fun and challenging. At times you feel pushed to your limit yet always feel safe doing it. One time I came to class with my back hurting from a minor injury and I walked out feeling 100% better. No back pain! I couldn't believe it."
Mike, Pensacola, FL