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Practical Thai Massage For Yoga Teachers
with Rebecca Cohen, E-RYT 500

Join Rebecca for an intensive weekend of thai massage for yoga teachers. Thai massage is a practical tool for yoga teachers, as it helps to deepen your knowledge of anatomy through hands on facilitated movement. Thai massage is said to be the “lazy man’s yoga”, where the practitioner guides the student through a series of postures. Thai massage is typically used as a stand alone practice, but for yoga teachers, it gives a deeper understanding of range of motion, actions of muscles, fascia, and nerves. Learning this practice will greatly enhance your understanding of anatomy and lay the ground work for becoming an expert in hands on adjustments as a yoga teacher. Not to mention, you will be able to give your private yoga students a special touch with their yoga sessions that will keep them coming back for more. 

Dates: April 22 & 23 (9am-6pm)
Tuition: $360
18 CEUs

* Students: loose comfortable clothing and/or easy fitting yoga pants, short or long sleeve t-shirts. Please be sure to trim finger nails very short for this course. 



Yoga for Back Care
with Rebecca & Michelle

Join Rebecca and Michelle for a 5-day course on yoga specifically designed for back pain. We will addresses specific issues such as disk herniation, degenerative disk disease, arthritis, and scoliosis among others. We will learn the terminology, common complaints associated, what not to do in each situation, and of course and gentle practice to relieve pain and promote balance in the student’s body. It is estimated that at some point in their lives, 80% of Americans will experience back pain. This is MUST for any yoga teacher. Rebecca will be teaching four days of specialized mindful movements synced with the breath for lower and upper back pain, a day of Somatics, and postural assessment for yoga teachers. Michelle will be teaching a special lecture on yoga specifically designed for scoliosis. For yoga teachers only.

Dates: May 2, 4, 5, 9, 10 (9am - 2pm)
Tuition: $480

25 CEUs



Yoga & Psychology: 
An In-depth Exploration of the Self
with Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT
Join Michelle for an intensive weekend of exploring the world where yoga and psychology merge.  We will explore and experience the psychology of breath, somatic principles and embodiment, mindfulness techniques for stress reduction, mind-body resources, and the art of deep listening.  Michelle will draw upon her background as a professional yoga therapist, a long-time yoga teacher & mindfulness facilitator to special populations dealing with trauma and loss, and her graduate studies in somatic counseling psychology.   This weekend will involve lecture, discussion, and experiential work. For yoga teachers only. 

Dates: May 20 & 21 (9am -6pm)
Tuition: $360

18 CEUs



Shad Darshana - The Philosophical Basis of Yoga & Intro to Kriyayoga

Join Atma Dharmindra for six lectures on the Shad Darshana. In these classes students will be given a modern approach to the six systems of Indian philosophy, which are not only supportive but necessary to contextualize the tradition of Yoga. These ideas will be a useful compliment to the introduction of Kriya Yoga which originates in the Tantric sciences and contains practices of Kundalini Yoga which adhere to Patanjali’s, Yoga Sutras for nothing less than the evolution of humanity. 

Atma Dharmindra is the Founder and Director of Shesha Vedic Sciences - Okinawa. Here he consults and teaches Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Ayurveda, Kayakalpa techniques, and Raja Yoga by means of Kundalini/Kriya Yoga. He has taught various classes in the Soto Zen monastery, Tassajara, in L.A., New Mexico, throughout Canada, and Israel, as well working for several years as a college professor in Japan. In 2016 Atma launched with international acclaim the annual Yogadarśana: Pātañjalayogasūtras Online Certification Course, an authoritative program offering insight, through the correct chanting method from the original Sanskrit of the Yogasutras. For yoga teachers only.

Dates: May 10, 16, 19, 26 June 1, 8 (9am - 2pm)
Tuition: $540
30 CEUs

* Students- Comfortable natural fiber clothing, small cushion.


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The Unicorn Yogipreneur - Find Your Niche & Market for Success

Join Desmond Liang and Rebecca Cohen for four days of essential business tools for yoga teachers. Students will explore their driving desires as a foundation of living your teaching on an authentic path. Learn how to market specifically to your niche market with integrity. Get specific guidance on branding, websites, social media, and email marketing. This is a must for any yoga teacher that is looking for successful ways to reach more students. 

Desmond is an entrepreneur and marketing coach based in Okinawa. For more than a decade, Desmond has helped bootstrap businesses in four different countries. Before Okinawa, he spent four years in a Silicon Vally start-up as a marketing manager specializing in driving demand and sales using technology, the company was later acquired in 2015 for $100M. Desmond was an active speaker in San Francisco where he served as the president of a local chapter of Toastmaster International that focuses on helping start-ups. Desmond now spends his time focusing on start-up and small business advocacy, sharing his marketing knowledge to the community. For yoga teachers only.

Dates: June 2, 6, 9, 13 (9am-2pm)
Tuition: $420

20 CEUs