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Yoga & Beer - I say Kanpai!
How to Find a Good Yoga Teacher
Tips for Down Dog
Evolve with Your Practice
Do You Need a Shift?


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Yoga & Beer - I say Kanpai!

A couple of months ago, I was asked to be the "entertainment" portion of a party here in Okinawa. And I have to say, I was a little concerned that they wanted me to do some sort of weird circus type demonstration. Luckily, that's not what they were looking for...and actually wanted me to lead them through a brief yoga practice in the middle of their party. Okay, I thought...seems realistic. Unfortunately, I've been teaching yoga long enough to know that a real yoga class with a bunch of non-yogis in civilian attire (read: no yoga clothes) might be a serious snooze fest (

How to Find a Good Yoga Teacher

I hear conversations that revolve around this issue all of the time. Students tend to be very strict about who they like and who they don’t like. What most students don’t understand is ‘why’ they like or don't like a particular teacher. You see, when you’re a student, it’s pretty much black and white, yes or no, like or don't like. If you’re already a teacher or studying to become one, you might understand what it is that you like about your favorite teacher or teachers. After you’ve been teaching for a while, you begin to deconstruct the personalities, the years of experience, the styles of yoga, the philosophies that people follow, personal motivations, and the charisma that certain people have.

Tips for Down Dog

Down dog (adho mukha svanasana) is one of those transition poses that you will see several times in a vinyasa style yoga class. It's a challenging pose for beginners until strength is built which takes time. Until it becomes relatively easy, most people come across the following issues: 1) sore wrists, 2) tired shoulders, and 3) tight hamstrings. I've outlined some basic solutions below.  

Problem #1: Sore Wrists
If you find that your wrists get tired or start to hurt during class, chances are you are not distributing the weight throughout your whole hand.

Evolve with Your Practice

There are many things that the physical asana practice of yoga can teach us. We all show up on the mat for various reasons, but what we walk away with might be much different that what we expected. Some of us show up because we are looking to build strength and flexibility, stress reduction, weight loss, etc. Some of us can't even muster up enough courage to walk into a class even though we've been practicing at home with videos. By the way, it takes some of us (myself included) to gather up a lot of courage to get into that first yoga class.

Do You Need a Shift?

Feeling too tired to exercise? Or like you just can't find the time to fit in your practice or training? Maybe you need a little shift. Sometimes our minds and our bodies need a change or a break from our current routine and it tells us in the form of feeling too tired when it's time to train. That's your first clue. Have you not been able to make it to the final stretch of your fitness goals? Feeling stuck at a certain level? That's your second clue. Now that you've figured out what is going on, it's time to make a shift in the way you think about your activities and your self.

Playlist - August 2, 2012

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Den Kozlov feat. Sasha Gavrilov 'Confession'
Den Kozlov feat. Sasha Gavrilov 'Confession'

1.Confession- Den Kozlov & Sasha Gavrilov
2.Body Language- Booka Shade
3.Love of Strings- Moby
4.Long Way to Africa- Tya
5.Forward Way Back- 7and5
6.Sir John- White Elephant

A Reading List for Yoga Therapy and Going Beyond the 200hr Training

For anyone interested in my personal stash of books that I use for my yoga therapy students and reference often.  There are more than listed below (I have an extensive library, but these books stand out the most to me personally) They will also give you a leg up during your 500hr training so you have have a better understanding when the concepts are discussed:

Yoga as Medicine, by Timothy McCall. - I bought this book before deciding to take the Integrative Yoga Therapy500hr training. This book highlights various general ailments and diseases, but doesn't really take it into the deeper yogic discussions.

Playlist 5/7/12

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Bubble Club - The Goddess (music video)
BUBBLE CLUB ( ) Bubble Club is the music project of West London based producer, DJ and record collector Dan Keeling. Having previously been behind electronic label New Reli...
The Goddess -Bubble Club
The Buddha Bar -

Make the Yoga Fit Your Body

I get a lot of brand new students to yoga in my current location. I know that people can get frustrated with any new type of exercise or activity, especially something that takes patience, courage, and discipline. I think that for some reason, we have these expectations of ourselves that make us think that if we don't fit the mold that something is amiss. Maybe it stems from our culture and the madness in our marketing, but regardless - yoga will test you in many ways. The physical practice is just one.

April 16-22 Playlist

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Anagram - Dousk
Greek music, Nordic surroundings
Dictaphone's Lament -Tycho
Anagram -Dousk
Track 13 -Julio Andular
Elephant (Dub Mix)- Spiral System & Lottie Child
Space Lullaby- New York Style Yoga
Such a Tease -Junkie XL
Sundial -Buckethead
Shut Your Eyes -Snow Patrol
Cloud Generator -